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About The Foreseer

The Foreseer is the official online publication of the Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI). Our goal in this publishing project, is to give a comprehensive overview of the latest global trends and developments —in business, economics, society, technology and the environment— that are taking place throughout the world.

This publication is updated weekly and is the work of an international group of experts —staff, peer researchers, expert scholars and futurists— who publish their latest ground-breaking research, up-to-date reviews, perspectives or opinions.


Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI)
The Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is a foresight think-tank dedicated to the study and analysis of global megatrends and its implications for the future. MWI provides a wide range of research-based strategic advisory services to help organizations acquire valuable insights about the future and how to respond to change.